“FusionFiber replaces conventional carbon rims with a proprietary high performance polymer/carbon composite. It literally changes the rules. And the possibilities. Modesty aside, it’s the next great leap forward in carbon fiber production.

We’re proud of the fact that our rims are made in the USA. Not only do they feature a greatly reduced carbon footprint, but they’re also endlessly recyclable. Best of all, they’re lightweight, insanely durable, and because they can be tuned laterally AND vertically, they absolutely slay, uphill or down.

But riding is believing, right? Try a pair and let us know what you think.” 



Unlike conventional thermoset carbon rims whose vertical tuning capability is virtually nonexistent, FusionFiber rims offer both lateral and vertical tuneability. When paired with custom rim profiles and wall thicknesses, this unique attribute allows CSS to deliver endless permutations of bike-specific performance to meet the demands of the industry’s top manufacturers. We’re proud to present our three flagship models below. Their design is the culmination of decades of experience on the trail an in the lab.





  • Fusion-Fiber’s proprietary toughened long chain polymers allow microscopic “flex” within the fibers. This creates a substantially stronger rim without the bricklike stiffness of carbon rims.
  • We know a thing or two about rims. Eminently tunable at the production level, Fusion-Fiber™ rims own the sweet spot – they deliver snappy response with a deliberately damped feel, communicating trail feedback effectively and predictably, with none of the harsh or brittle feel of conventional rims.
  • Fusion-Fiber™ rims are quiet and stiff , offering weights on par or superior to their conventional carbon counterparts.
  • Fusion-Fiber™ is 100% recyclable


  • The Fusion-Fiber™ production process consumes far less energy, produces zero waste and is significantly less impactful to the environment.
  • Fusion-Fiber™ isn’t placed into a shipping container and transported across an ocean. The subsequent reduction in total carbon footprint is massive.
  • Fusion-Fiber’s manufacturing process is stable. Unlike carbon, it has no shelf life concerns.
  • Fusion-Fiber™ is a 100% recyclable material. Recycled Fusion-Fiber™ can be repurposed into short-fiber compression molded parts such as stems, suspension links, tire levers…you name it. The possibilities within a broad set of parameters are nearly limitless.
  • There’s no epoxy involved. Epoxy renders a traditional carbon rim or component non-recyclable. It’s also been proven to be harmful to the environment and even more alarmingly, harmful to human health over time.
  • To recycle conventional carbon fiber, the impregnated epoxy must be burned off. This is a toxic and time-consuming process. Then the remaining short random fibers then need to be re-impregnated…with yet more epoxy. There are very few companies that do this on a large scale because recycled, re-impregnated material actually costs more than the original product.
  • Fusion-Fiber™ has an extremely fast manufacturing time compared to carbon. Fusion-Fiber’s™ robotically controlled process eliminates human error such as forgotten, misaligned or missing pieces of pre-impregnated carbon. This is both a quality and a safety issue.
  • Cured Fusion-Fiber™ is far less brittle than old carbon, which creates superior impact resistance and ride feel.

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