Isn’t this just thermoplastic?

It is. But that’s like looking at your Nana’s Dodge Dart alongside Tesla’s Model X and declaring them as “just two cars.” Yes. It IS thermoplastic. But the attributes of Fusion-Fiber™ versus something like GT’s ill-fated STS represent a technological gulf decades and universes apart. The intervening years have allowed great leaps forward in technology, materials, processes and applications. Fusion-Fiber™ is to yesterday’s thermoplastic as a 4K 65” OLED television is to a 13” CRT model with a rabbit ears. They’re both just TV’s, right? Well yeah. Kinda. But no. Not by a longshot.


How recyclable is it?

Unlike “traditional” carbon composites, both the scrap and the final product can be shredded/chipped into short fiber carbon/nylon and reformed into high performance structural products. With current epoxy/carbon composites, the epoxy can’t be recycled and the fibers can only be reused after an expensive, difficult and toxic process which involves burning off of the epoxy to reclaim bare fibers. Fusion-Fiber is also produced in a “zero-scrap production” environment with an end-of-life consideration for all products.


But how do they ride?

Great question. Fusion-Fiber’s™ design allows for micro-flex between its impregnated carbon fibers. In real world applications (like riding through the woods on your favorite trail,) you’ll notice the snappy response of a high-performance wheelset…minus the harsh feedback commonly associated with higher-end wheels. We describe this as “transient response”. Sounds like a marketing term, right? It actually comes from the world of chemical and mechanical engineering and is defined as the response of a system to a change in its equilibrium. Translation? We designed Fusion-Fiber™ rims to ‘barge and charge’ across multiple disciplines from trail to XC, but also to convey trail feedback in what we think of as the sweet spot (just enough, but not too much).


What about weight? And durability?

Weights are comparable to a very high-end set of conventionally produced carbon rims. In many cases, lighter. The difference is that gram for gram, Fusion-Fiber™ rims outpunch and outlast old carbon.


What else can you make with it?

The sky is literally the limit, but our production facility is humming right now with rim orders from some of your favorite brands. For the moment, we’re going to make the best rims on the planet and make sure that they’re standard kit on the world’s best and most progressive bikes. But stay tuned.


So they’re still carbon rims, right?

Yes. But impregnated with our patented blend of high performance polymers instead of comparatively inefficient epoxy. They sprint mad, charge like a bull and glide like silk.


What is CSS?

CSS is a manufacturing and engineering company with deep roots in both the cycling and aerospace industries. We have a long history of specialization in advanced polymers and fibers. We make cool stuff for your bikes. And for spaceships.


Who are you guys?

Well, we keep a low profile. But collectively we’ve put men in space, put beautiful wheels under the world’s fastest cyclists and normalized the production and application of next-generation materials in planes, cars, hospitals and bikes. We make cool stuff. Fusion-Fiber is the latest chapter in a very long book.