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CSS Composites is an engineering, design, and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) company. We produce bicycle rims and wheels using carbon composites with advanced polymers and fibers.

Our Process

Our FusionFiber production process is highly automated and optimized to ensure quality control, reduce lead times, and minimize environmental impact. Best of all, we can scale up production quickly and adjust to meet your needs and keep up with changing market conditions.

Custom Design and Manufacturing Services

We can work with you to develop your own completely custom rim profile that is optimized for bike-specific performance.

Unlike typical carbon fiber, rims made with our FusionFiber material can be tuned both laterally and vertically. This makes it possible to create virtually unlimited permutations of rim profile designs and wall thicknesses.

Creating a custom rim is an iterative process that starts with your preliminary specifications. Then we fine tune and validate your design, produce sample wheels, and test them in our lab and out on the trail.

Pre-Designed Rims

We also offer pre-designed road, gravel, and mountain bike rims that are made with FusionFiber and are optimized for performance. These rims are the culmination of decades of experience on the trail and in the lab.

Gravel / Road 700c

Mountain Bike 27.5

Mountain Bike 27.5 Image

Mountain Bike 29

Mountain Bike 29 in Image

Wheel Assembly and Packaging

In addition to designing and producing your rims with FusionFiber, we can also provide automated and hand finished wheel assembly as well as wheel packaging services.

Made in USA

We produce every rim and wheel here at our production lab in Utah. Manufacturing rims and wheels in the USA significantly reduces shipping time, costs, and risks of delays.

Not having to ship rims and wheels from overseas factories also eliminates tariffs, duties, and other import costs (for orders within the U.S.) and reduces the overall environmental impact. 

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